Couple resting next to rented electric bikes in Dubuque, Iowa
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John & Sherri

John and Sherri Driscoll, founders of Dubuque E-Bikes, rented their very first E-Bikes in early Summer 2020 and were instantly hooked, and they know you will be too!

Getting on the road on only two wheels again—with the wind in their hair and gorgeous scenery around every bend—was a great way to enjoy the lush landscape of Dubuque County without having to struggle to maneuver the rolling hills that come along with this glorious terrain.

The more they rode, the more they felt the desire to share their discovery with friends and family. And then it struck them—everyone should experience this simple joy, if only for a few hours. And the wheels were set in motion (literally) to open Dubuque E-Bikes and connect the public of all ages and walks of life with Electronic Bikes.

John is semi-retired while Sherri works a full-time “day” job, but together they now share their newfound passion of bringing the joy and freedom of cycling to the local area without having to purchase an E-Bike, allowing you to ride like a kid again.

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